What is a Pinterest Board? How To Make Your Own Pinterest Boards, Tips On Creating The Best Boards & More!



What is a Pinterest Board? How To Make Your Own Pinterest Boards, Tips On Creating The Best Boards & More!

What is a Pinterest Board According to Pinterest?

“A board is a collection of pins that are organized into categories. You can use boards to organize your pins by subject matter, such as recipes, fashion, travel, etc.”

When you look at a Pinterest account (under the Saved tab), you’ll see a set of boards that have a theme so that every pin inside it is under a category. For Personal Pinterest Accounts, you’ll see boards such as “recipes for Christmas,” maybe something like “Closet Inspirations,” or even “Thanksgiving Party 2022.” It revolves more around a person and their own preferences but when it comes to a Business, it’s important to have a strategy behind the boards.


How to Choose Pinterest Boards for Your Business

It takes a little more strategy and thought to create boards for Businesses vs personal accounts. We recommend by taking out a piece of paper and starting a draft of themes or categories you spot in your business. One way to do this is by looking at your current website and seeing what pages get the most views. For example, if you have a doggie site and you see that your DIY Dog Biscuits is a popular blog post, then you can take that and make a category called “DIY Dog Food Recipes” and include that post along with others that are similar. Aim to create about 10 boards for your business account and try to keep in mind what someone might search for on Pinterest in order to find your boards and then your website. Another way to come up with board ideas is if you already have a blog, taking a look at your current blog categories and using those as boards.


Adding SEO Titles To Your Boards

After you have your list of board ideas, you’ll want to optimize them by looking at keywords that are trending on Pinterest and adding those to your titles. To see what’s trending you can look in 3 main places. The first being Trends.Pinterest.com which shows you weekly trends on Pinterest. Here, you’ll want to see if any trends are related to your business and if so, jumping on that topics and creating content for it. The second place to find keywords is simply in the Pinterest Search bar. Start typing one of your Board Names from your drafts and see what comes up before pressing enter. You should see a suggestion list of keywords (these are the top searched for at the time) to help you adjust your board title. The last place we recommend you look is in your Pinterest Ad manager. You can start creating an ad and going to the Ad Keywords tab, type in a draft title and see the top search results:


We hope this helps! If you have any more questions or would like us to set up your account for your, feel free to schedule a 30-min discovery call.

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