Why Pinterest?

Let’s be honest, Instagram marketing just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m assuming you finally heard the buzz about Pinterest marketing and that’s how you ended up on this page. Welcome! 🙂

Pinterest is for hobbies right? That’s what I thought. But after a closer look, and analyzing traffic to blogs, e-commerce stores, agencies, and pretty much any site, I realized the key to driving traffic. It’s alllll within Pinterest!

Need help getting started?

Account Audit

I can take a look at your website and all social channels and give you honest feedback and criticism to help you improve your overall branding and strategy. This will include a deep dive in your Pinterest profile and looking at your site analytics to see if you’re missing something major.

$150 / hour
1-1 Consulting

1-1 Consulting is for those who don’t have time to go through the course and want someone to give them advice specific to their brand. In this call, you can ask specific questions about Pinterest or any aspect of your social media marketing. I have over a decade of experience with social media so I can give you a holistic perspective. 

$700+ / month

The "upkeep" package is $700/month (this includes 1 designed pin a day) - the goal of this package is to maintain activity on your Pinterest account. The Marketing Package is $1,500/month and includes strategy, creating pins, pinning, analytics updates and even advertising if applicable. Let's do a free call to see which would fit you best.

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Working with Us


easy as one, two, three!

Our goal is to take the work off your plate so you can focus on other parts of your business. While we manage your Pinterest account as needed (from creating & curating Pinterest posts, to suggesting blog posts, and keeping track of your analytics), we're also available to answer other marketing questions. If you need to schedule a strategy session or just bounce off business ideas off someone with 10+ years of digital marketing experience, I'm here for you. 

The boring but essential part of getting logins, brand photos, contract signed and check-in dates set. 



We'll take care of the rest! You can focus on another aspect of your business and at the end of every month you'll get an overview!




What's included in this monthly service?

→ Ongoing analyzing and pivoting strategy to match trends and improve performance
→ Creating pins to support your content, test trends, and support marketing campaigns
→ End of Month Analytics Report and meeting to discuss plan for future month

What does the hourly rate include?

On top of Pinterest Management we offer a $75/hour rate to hire us for consulting, higher level marketing such as Pinterest ads or funnel strategy, etc. Basically, as a full time client, you get the Consulting Service for $75/hour vs the normal $150/hr rate. With over a decade of digital marketing experience, I can be available to guide your business towards success.

What if I don't have a Pinterest Business Account?

If you don't have an account, our team will help you set one up! The first month will be focused on setting up your account with Boards, SEO, linking to your site and setting up all the ad codes (if needed). We'll discuss your account and what it needs on our first call.

Does Pinterest work for every industry?

You'd be surprised how many industries take advantage of Pinterest and succeed! Take a look at this page of case studies. Our Discovery Call is free and with 0 pressure to signup for a service! We'd be happy to talk about your concerns and give feedback.

Why is Pinterest a better investment than Instagram?

An Instagram post lasts about 24 hours and then no one sees it again. Pinterest posts get shared over and over again and that work you put into ONE post lives on for years. Pinterest is also a giant search engine and people are constantly looking for posts to share and save. It drives more organic traffic than any other social channel. 

More Questions?

Thank you! We'll be in touch. If you want to submit another question, just refresh this page.