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Pinterest Reached 400M Users During Quarantine

Pinterest finally reached 4 million active monthly users

Pinterest is the underdog of social media when it comes to user count which is why many marketers tend to look at Facebook or Instagram for marketing. The thing is, Pinterest has an incredible organic platform that increases website traffic and sales above any other social channel. How? It’s part social channel, part search engine! Is there any other social channel that encourages users to share your posts over and over again on a daily basis? This allows your content to grow with little effort!

Pinterst Growth:

Slowly but surely people are catching on that Pinterest isn’t just a hobby site but a powerful tool with few competitors. During quarantine, the user base and activity of users grew drastically with Pinterest searches up by 60% and now the user-base up to 400,000,000!

Pinterest Audience:

Graphic from the Pinterest Newsroom
Pinterest users continue to grow year after year

As the Pinterest user base continues to grow, your results from Pinterest marketing also grow. Just like any other platform, the earlier you get on it, the less competition. One of the main goals for businesses is to increase their website views so they can either convert sales (e-commerce), get more clients (service based), or get brand deals (influencers). Pinterest is setup in a way that users are used to clicking on links and sharing them. Imagine thousands of users sharing your website!

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