- Phil Jackson -

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." 

Lorina Daiana

CEO & Marketing expert

Lorina is a Pinterest expert but and digital marketing consultant. She's always on the cutting edge of trends, knowing useful tools, and being able to make businesses more organized and efficient. She's worked in digital marketing for over a decade now, and worked with all sorts industries such as e-commerce, fashion, restaurants, home, travel and more. 

Zachary Nilsson

Advertising Manager

Zachary Nilsson is in charge of the occasional Instagram / Facebook advertising for clients. Although our agency specialized in Pinterest, we have the ability to do high level strategy and advertising. Zach enjoys the problem solving of advertising and the reward from a successful campaign. He is married to Lorina and joined this team as part of their entrepreneur goals along with the Rejoice & Do Good clothing business.

Leslie Frausto

Pinterest manager

Leslie has an eye for design and photography and is the perfect person to be the organic Pinterest Manager. She creates and schedules our clients pins. In her free time Leslie has a fun interior design blog over at LivingWithLeslie.com.