How To Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts & Easily Switch Between Them

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How To Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts & Easily Switch Between Them

Have you wondered how to login to multiple Pinterest accounts and how to easily switch between them? Just like on Instagram, Pinterest has released a feature where you can easily login to multiple accounts.

You may be wondering why someone would even have multiple accounts (unless they are agencies). Right now Pinterest marketing is HOT, it’s easy to grow into an influencer account just like it was for Instagram a few years ago. This means people are launching multiple niche accounts and growing them so later they can partner with different brands to drive traffic.

If you want to take advantage of this influencer opportunity be sure to enroll in my Pinterest Course to learn everything you need to grow your account.

Without further ado, here are the simple steps:

How to Add a new Account 

First login to one of your accounts and look for the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Click the three dots and scroll down to “Add Account.”

How to add a new pinterest account

How to login to more accounts on Pinterest

Then click “add account” and login!

How to Switch Between Accounts

Once you logged in, switching is pretty easy! All you have to do is click on your account image, the dropdown will show all the accounts you’re logged in so all you need is to tap the account to switch to it.

How to add multiple pinterest accounts and switch between them



How to Add & Switch Accounts on Mobile

The mobile app is very similar to use. In the upper right corner you’ll see a little gear icon. Click that, go down to “Switch Account” and Login to another account or switch between them here.

How to switch between pinterest accounts

You can use the same method to switch between accounts but a faster way to do it is by clicking on the bottom right icon (your image), holding it and it’ll popup the option to switch.

How to Manage Multiple Accounts

Now that you know HOW to add and switch between multiple accounts, you’re probably wondering how you can manage the workload of more than one account. I mean at times you’re probably overwhelmed with managing just one. Is this you?

Let me introduce you to Tailwind, the leading Pinterest Schedule Tool in the industry. Use my link to get $15 off after your free trial.

How to save time managing your Pinterest account

The benefits of Tailwind:

  • They create a smart schedule for your specific account. You’re also able to add or remove time slots. I advize you to start with their recommendation and every month add one extra slot in the days. This will help you steadily grow over time.
  • They have tribes communities in which you can share your pin and get it repinned to large audiences. Imagine if other people grew their accounts to 500,000 monthly views and your pin gets pinned by 10 of those people. Your reach is exponentially higher than if you try doing it alone!
  • Although I recommend Planoly for Instagram vs Tailwind, Tailwind does have a really cool hashtag search that suggests the best tags for your posts to go viral. I use their hashtag tool then schedule it on planoly since I like the visual aspect of Planoly, plus they pretty much conquered the tools for ig.
  • Great Analytics – if you’re looking for more in depth analytics than the og Pinterest dashboard, Tailwind is great.

Pinterest Course

If you want to learn more about how to use Tailwind and how to Grow Your Pinterest Accounts, head to my course.


  1. Lisa says:

    Hello, do you know how to switch account while pinning an image? It doesn’t seem to give you the option. Thanks!

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