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the problem:

All the focus this past year has been on Instagram Marketing which led to many people getting frustrated at not seeing results in website views or sales. The truth is, Instagram isn’t made to grow your site views, Pinterest is.

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the solution:

pinterest marketing facts:

Pinterest is still at the level where ORGANIC growth is not only possible but pretty much guaranteed when you follow the right steps. Your investment of work is proportional to your success and if you just follow the steps in this course, you will see results.

• Pinterest drives 33% more traffic than Facebook
• There are 250 million Active Monthly  Users
• 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions with an average of $58.95 in their carts (higher than Facebook & Twitter)
• Average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes

Learn How to Take your Pinterest monthly views to 500k+ in just 90 days!

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instructor & digital marketing expert

“Lorina is a Savvy Digital Marketer with a passion for educating entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She has over 10+ years of experience working in Social Media & Digital Marketing with all sorts of clients from hotels, big chain restaurants, coffee shops, e-commerce fashion brands, to top blog influencers and more. Some of those clients include Coffee Bean, The Halal Guys, Saguaro Hotel, Margo & Me Blog, Gap, Clinique, Shake Shack and more.”

What You Will Learn

✔ How to Grow Your Marketing Exponentially Through Pinterest
✔ How to Setup & Format Your Pinterest To Increase Your Website Quality
✔ How to Grow Your Website Referrals Through Pinterest
✔ How to Analyze What Pins & Boards are Working for your Business
✔ How to Use Pinterest to Find What Content You Should Write About
✔ How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile to Show Up In Searches
✔ How to Create Your Own Pins
✔ How to Use the Pinterest Community to Boost Your Growth
✔ and much more…

No.1 Pinterest Profile:

✔ Creating a Business Profile
✔ Choosing your Display Name
✔ How to Setup Your Bio
✔ Choosing Your Profile Image
✔ Getting Your Website Verified

Course Chapters

No.2 Pinterest boards:

✔ How To Build Your Brand Story Through Boards
✔ Choosing Board Titles
✔ How To Create a Strong Board Description
✔ How To Choose or Create Board Covers

No.3 Pinterest pins:

✔ How To Find Pins For Your Boards
✔ How To Create Your Own Pins
✔ Creating Strong Pinterest Captions With Keywords
✔ Learning About Rich Pins

No.4 Scheduling pins:

✔ Signing Up For a Scheduling Tool
✔ How To Schedule Pins
✔ Scheduling Pins From Your Website

No.5 Community:

✔ How To Find Pinterest Communities
✔ How To Find Pinterest Tribes
✔ How To Pin To a Pinterest Tribe

No.6 metrics:

✔ What Analytics You Need To Track
✔ How To View Your Google Analytics for Pinterest
✔ Tracking Your Top Pins & Boards

Bonus Chapters

No.7 affiliate marketing

✔ An introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Pinterest
✔ Affiliate Marketing Programs
✔ Amazon Affiliate Marketing
✔ Shopstyle & Reward Style Affiliate Marketing 

No.8 Intro to ads

✔ Introduction to Pinterest Ads
✔ Setting up your Site & Account for Ads
✔ Creating a Pinterest Ad

Course Testimonials

“This is the most badass online course for Pinterest and I am absolutely in awe of how easy it was to learn. Lorina is a master when it comes to social media and she is also a fantastic teacher! If you want to grow your numbers and get your business out there, I would highly recommend this course!”

– Victoria Bonvicini

“I’m so glad that I found this course. This helped me optimize my company’s Pinterest and drive clicks to our site! Our Pinterest has grown over 300% in a week of making these changes!”

– Melanie Kim

“This Mastering Pinterest Workshop is everything and more! Lorina's passion for teaching and all things digital marketing is transparent as she holds your hand during each easily digestible, yet detailed and actionable course in the Workshop – saving you time and money – perfect for this mommy blogger! This course is like having your best friend sit with you and hash out all of the logistics! Invest in your business now!”

– Vanessa Torres

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to finally grow your website views?

2 Payments of

1 Payment of





Benjamin Franklin

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."